Then, of course, production costs, margins, competitive product prices, government policies, etc. Product development is used to create products that meet customer needs. Promotion is used to communicate the benefits of a product or service to customers. Sales are responsible for generating revenue by selling products or services to customers. Let’s dig deeper into the 7 functions of marketing, you should know while aligning your business objectives with the mission statement. In general, corporations and established companies have separate departments for marketing and sales.

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Thirdly make sure that those delivering the function have the knowledge and skills to do it properly. Strategy defines how your organisation plans to achieve its goals, improve, grow and realise its Vision. When using the Strategy function you collect, collate, analyse and interpret information on your market, customers, competition and decide what direction is best for your business. In effect, the planning process is one which spreads out planning functions throughout the entire organisational system.

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Organizations often struggle to define their organizational strategies. They create an answer that sounds good but that results in a bloated, inefficient organization that often provides worse service. Other times, they resort to a pure function-by-function analysis, which is time-consuming and offers neither organizational clarity nor coherence. This dynamic can result in a constant push-pull dynamic because no one understands the logic behind centralized decisions.

The Compliance function focuses on the overarching observance of laws and standards. Compliance provides structure, audit, process and procedure to all functions. It examples of foil in literature also ensures that functions which work within a common law are consistent and aligned with each other. Every organisation, whether fully digital or traditional, paper-based, operates with Systems. A system may be how you use a filing cabinet full of invoices with a piece of software used to do your accounts.

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Most of the business organizations will have all these four functional areas which are interdependent. It means that Production needs information from Marketing which products to produce (e.g. size, color, number of products, etc.). Production also needs production workers with certain expertise to be hired by Human Resources. Finally Finance needs to provide information about what the maximum cost of production should be in order to make profit. The planning of various activities does not ensure automatic implementation of policies.

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It presents not only financial figures but also combined operational data. At the end of the year, the team prepares financial statements, which are mandatory to be released to the public for listed companies. Customer service activities may fall under the marketing department. The team manages profitable long-term relationships with customers. They handle aspects such as customer complaints and inquiries, returns, and customer requirements. Therefore, they need skills in communication, handling conflicts, and patient dealing with customers.

The character and type of organisation depends upon the size and nature of the enterprise. Luther Gulick used the word POSDCORB to describe various functions. You should be skilled at observing action, measuring performance against standards, and deciding on and implementing necessary action. You should be able to lead people in the right way and in the right direction, communicate effectively, and above all, motivate them to perform well.

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Making decisions, recording them and communicating them to all concerned are key to this function. However, this is the function that is so often dismissed or ignored. Income, revenue, costs, expenditure, balance sheets, forecasting, accounts, taxation and annual returns are just some of the aspects of the Finance function. This is usually a very well used business function, but elements can sometimes be overlooked. Looking after the people that you employ is critical to your business success.