Despite the differences in STEM vs. STEAM, there is opportunity for growth across all occupations in the science, technology, engineering, art and math fields. It is important for students to choose a curriculum based on their individual skills, career goals and interests. If there is one on bing lesson to take away from the emergence of STEAM, it is that aspiring STEM professionals should develop both hard and soft skill sets to make them stronger applicants and performers in the job market. Because I’m a natural skeptic, I’ve always incorporated a fair degree of hesitation and deliberateness into the art of my practice as a psychologist.

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However, this expression is also dependent on the spectator’s own subjective taste. A case could be made that the phenomenal success of Apple Inc. is attributed in part to its founder’s artistic spirit. Steve Jobs was known to approach the production of Apple devices artistically and considered a computer as a work of art. Regardless of the critics, if technology has elevated art, art has also managed to do the same for science. That doesn’t mean that photography hasn’t had its detractors. Many people, especially ladies of the time,didn’t like the “faithful” way it rendered reality compared to the often flattering painted portraits of tradition.

The process usually takes 45 years, although some colleges offer accelerated online degrees that you can earn in less time. However, the choice between art and science is not straight–it depends on contingent factors like complexity level of the situation, the number of alternatives to choose from and the stage of the process of choosing. In organisations decisions at lower levels of management are rational, at tactical levels mostly rational using sophisticated tools of operations research and at strategic levels artistic. When too many choices are available, evaluation based on well-identified parameters leads to a proper choice.

Art Studio Helps Adults With Disabilities Turn Their Passion Into A Career

Her theory builds off of an idea developed in the last few years — that our brain is a predictive machine. The brain uses “information to make predictions about we might do next — and more importantly what we need to do next to survive and thrive,” says Kaimal. Art’s ability to flex our imaginations may be one of the reasons why we’ve been making art since we were cave-dwellers, says Kaimal. She has a theory that art-making helps us navigate problems that might arise in the future. She wrote about this in October in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. Using that same 4% difference, he compares the difference between professional abstract art and children’s random drawings to that between a chess novice and the next-lowest ranking, a D-class amateur.

Arts provide the soft skills needed to interact with one another, in order to give one a greater competitive edge in the work place. As the world becomes so competitive, it is nearly impossible to get ahead with just a good grasp of hard facts and specialized knowledge. Science has the ability to improve our lives quantitatively compared to the arts. For instance, the latest development in medical science has been saving countless lives and improving our quality of living over the decades. In fact, the average life expectancy has increased steadily over the years across the globe, especially for developed nations with access to these medical technologies. For instance, US has an average life expectancy of 80 years, even with their seemingly unhealthy diet.


The theory of atoms was developed by the Greek philosopher Leucippus and his student Democritus. The Greek doctor Hippocrates established the tradition of systematic medical science and is known as “The Father of Medicine”. To compare the requirements for a BA and a BS in Computer Science you must select a degree and a catalog year, along with filling in Computer Science for your major and Seidenberg for your college.

Its construction embodies advanced principles of civil engineering. Take the latest high resolution picture from the Hubble Telescope, the zenith of technology. Doesn’t it remind you of great realist paintings and artistic expression? Based on the field of study, science can be classified into many divisions. Astronomy, physics, chemistry, logic, mathematics, and Earth sciences are all part of the physical sciences, which investigate the inorganic universe.

It’s worth noting that some employers care more about the institution you attended than the type of degree you earned. Attending a well-known college or university may give you the edge you need during your search for a job. This is particularly relevant if you plan to attend classes remotely, as some lesser-known online schools may not be recognizable by hiring managers. Some employers may be biased toward either AS or AA degrees, but their appropriateness really depends on the field you intend to enter after graduating.

The Similarities Between Art And Science

Although primarily animated and driven by a new scientific spirit, the period of the Renaissance was also a high period for the arts. In a lecture delivered on May 7th, 1959, at the Senate House in Cambridge, Charles Percy Snow argued that science and the humanities were evolving into two distinct cultures. The very fact that today’s innovative technologies always arrive with one glitch or another is proof that “Making right decisions” cannot be a science. Decisions rank among the most important aspects in business, especially as it relates to achieving goals and being successful. Good decisions minimize risk, reduce uncertainty, and increase the company’s competitive advantage. Many things influence choice and often in different ways at different times.

Both degrees help prepare students for employment in the same career paths, and both may lead to the same average salaries. The program may be more technical, which means there will be advanced courses in computer science as well as in-depth knowledge provided in the concentration you select. A BS program may also consist of all required courses, which means you may not be able to choose any courses in other subjects to study. In addition, academic disciplines have a significant impact on both employment opportunities and income potential.