While a business degree will usually get you in the door for an interview, you won’t be the only one with one. One of the best things you can do to make the most of your business degree is to make connections. At the very least, they have mentors and connections that they made during business school to rely on. Someone with a business degree has a better chance of solving problems. With only a high school diploma and some experience, you’re limited to certain fields like retail, fast food, and similar types of industries.

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The majority of WGU business management students finish their degree program in just 36 months. From Fortune 500 organizations to gutsy start-ups, from pk betting government and nonprofit work to the public sector. A degree in business management is key to thriving in any setting. WGU’s bachelor’s degree is designed to help you stand out from the competition and find an exciting and lucrative career. Take charge of your future—earning a degree will prepare you for raises, promotions, or an entirely new future. With tuition increases outpacing the inflation rate and student debt loads less sustainable by the year, every would-be degree program applicant should at least consider whether it’s worth applying to college at all.

Is A Business Degree Worth It, And What Are The Highest

Bureau of Labor Statistics, management careers offer high salaries and strong expected demand. On average, professionals with a bachelor’s in business management earn about $66,000 per year, according to PayScale. However, salaries vary widely depending on the location, industry, and job title.

Is International Business A Good Major?

Because the cost of an MBA can be well into the six figures, paying for a graduate program can be challenging. You’ll likely need to use student loans to cover at least some of the cost. Graduate school loans can have high interest rates, and going into debt can be a heavy burden. The worth of business school is not just determined by outcomes, but also by the costs. By knowing what it takes to get your degree, you can evaluate if the benefits outweigh costs. You can also use these costs to measure your level of dedication to getting your MBA.

After completing the course, exam and externship, I would be employable by September. I got a psychology degree in 2004 with the intention of getting my master’s in counseling, but life and now I going back to school to get my MSW. I know I can do the work, I’m just concerned about the time commitment and my ability to get a job when I’m done. I’ve heard on one hand that social work is an in-demand career full of possibilities. On the other hand I hear horror stories of low pay and burnout.

An accounting degree can also unlock career opportunities besides accountingif you’re interested in using money management and financial planning skills. If you’ve got a head for logistics and process control, you may even decide to focus your business administration degree on project management. This degree will provide the fundamentals of management with a deep dive into the planning and decision-making critical to resolving the complex issues of today’s workplaces. As a graduate, you should feel prepared to interpret trends, apply ethics to your decision-making and manage change, among other skills employers seek and value. A bachelor’s in business administration builds a scaffolding of analysis, critical thinking and problem solving that hiring managers find essential to workplace success.

The answer to that question ultimately depends on your goals and plans. There are jobs and companies that require a business degree, and some might even be more stringent with requirements, necessitating applicants to have an MBA or other specializations. Some occupations, though, are very forgiving when it comes to an applicant’s educational background. Interest in online MBA programs is high, especially after the pandemic forced students and employees to work remotely. Still, there are some companies that give a higher regard to in-person learning. While an MBA can be especially useful if you’re working in finance for a major firm, other fields such as marketing or working in the nonprofit sector may not see as much of an income boost with an MBA.

Engineering is a great college degree with high salaries if you like working with your hands and solving problems. Working in human resource management requires a strong understanding of labor laws and the ability to work with employees. In sales, your career path takes a more entrepreneurial turn. Most companies will operate on a commission structure meaning the more revenue you generate, the more you will be compensated. Creating marketing strategies that are capable of growing your customer base is a great skill to have that can impact the day to day operations of a business. Accountants and financial analysts will always be needed to create financial reports giving it strong projected job growth.